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Insurance and risk management perform a vital part in just about any comprehensive fiscal strategy.

Insurance Planning is an integral part of the Financial Planning process. You have worked hard to save money and build your net worth, and yet it could all be gone in a flash if you aren’t properly insured.

We have been life assurance certified and will utilize our impartial position to examine the offers of every one of the leading life insurance businesses, and create options that offer the most effective value for our clients.

Our insurance preparation process carries an intensive evaluation to decide whether it's cost effective to cover the possible threat and then choose the most effective quantity and kind of protection to work with.

We explain your choices in clear, straightforward terminology so you have the info that you need to make the most effective choices to safeguard your nearest and dearest.

Insurance is involved in many areas of one's life and is also often misunderstood. Our staff works with you to determine your goals and those of your loved ones or your company. This can ascertain whether there is a requirement for insurance, for revenue replacement, taxes efficacy, or the appropriate continuance of your company.

We look for those who have the proper kind and level of insurance to make certain you are getting the best insurance for the money you are spending.

Managing risk can be done in several ways

  • Avoid it byhiring a professional to trim your expenses
  • Prevent it by practicing good budgeting
  • Spread it by out by investing in many different opportunities
  • Transfer it by sharing the risk with an insurance company
  • Retain it by assuming that certain losses are just unavoidable costs that need to be absorbed

Insurance comes in many different forms. In addition to private insurance (homeowner's, health, liability, malpractice, fire, flood etc.), we also have public insurance (the FDIC, for example), and social insurance (Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment and even Workers' Compensation).

We see your risk in the full context of your business. We know that purchasing insurance is a big decision, and that it’s more than buying a piece of paper. You're securing the future of your business.

To find out more about how we can assist with your Risk Management needs, please call Financial Advisor Hawaii  at (808) 123-4567.


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